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April 2010 Archives

Abortion Around Roe

Choose Life at Yale (CLAY) Makes A Bad Choice

Consider This: The IUD

Martyrdom Usurped: Chechnya’s Black Widows

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The Comprehensive Broads Guide to Yale Spring Fling 2010

The Dollhouse Has Nine Rooms

The Pleasures and Perils of “Divacup”

The Ying Yang Twins on Uptight Assholes, Gays, the Ideal Woman, and Why They Speak for Strippers

Why Caesarean Section Rates Are Rising in the US

Yale’s “Student Body” On Film

December 2009 Archives

An Interview with Beatrice Mategwa, Television Director for the UN Mission in Sudan

Arts in Brief

Misrepresentation: Flawed Affirmative Action in Uganda’s National Parliament

Politics in Brief

Sex & Health in Brief

Wavering at the Crossroads of Pain and Progress: Art Exhibit “Breaking the Veils” Reviewed

Why Yale Students Don’t Understand Date Rape

Without an Agenda, With a Clue: The New “Male Feminist Network” Contributes to Gender Discourse on Campus

Yale Rep’s “Eclipsed” Deploys Easy Psychology at the Expense of Ethics

April 2009 Archives

A User’s Guide

“Good Design Is Feminist Design”: An Interview with Sheila de Bretteville

“Making the Feminist Mistake”: Leslie Bennetts Speaks at the Yale Law School

On Texas

On Beauty, and Beauticontrol


Southern Women

Objects in My Dorm Room and Their Sexualities

A Smile Is Not a Smile Is Not a Smile

October 2009 Archives

Tepid Resolutions to Rape

BlueBalls: The Nostalgia Shall Be Visited Upon The Freshmen

Sex & Health In Brief

Politics In Brief

Nussbaum on Butler

Dick in a Box?: The Dubious Feminism of Jennifer’s Body

Top Ten Craigslist Opportunities for Females in My Hometown, Miami

At the Women’s Leadership Conference on October 24, 2009, Joanne Lipman ’83 gave a speech about the need for a contemporary women’s movement. Here, her interview with the YDN later in the day.