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The Legacy of Henrietta Lacks

Henrietta Lacks is one of the most important figures in modern medicine. She has made contributions to the creation of the polio vaccine, as well as research on cancer, AIDS, and HPV. Yet her name …


Of Words and Worlds: Justice Sotomayor at Yale

Today, in a nearly-full Woolsey Hall, Yale hosted a talk with Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor moderated by Yale Law professor Judith Resnick. Sotomayor previously visited Yale last spring, when she spoke at a conference for …


Open Letter to The Yale Bubble


Welcome to the Yale online magazine community! We at Broad Recognition believe that comedy can be a great tool for social change and that our campus can always use more ventures in experimental humor. We believe in creating …

Mother and baby portrait

Required Reading 12/6/13: First Edition

Hello comrades in kyriarchy-smashing, and welcome to the very first edition of Broad Recognition’s Required Reading. Every so often, the Broads staff will be serving up our own personal must-read, must-listen, must-watch recommendations—whether they’re important things …

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