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Cultural Synthesis: Today’s Women in Electronica

There’s something inherently problematic about writing an article about “female synth musicians” despite the fact that most of these women would probably deny having much in common with each other beyond the fact that they …

Previously in Politics


Don’t Mess with Texas (Women)

It seems that while the Obama administration can’t mess with Texas, Texas can mess with Texas—Texan women, that is.  On Feb. 23, the Texas Health and Human Services commissioner signed into law a rule that …


Pop, Plastic, and The Lana del Rey Effect

By now, the Internet has become well acquainted with the Lana Del Rey universe. Wafting through a world of interminable highways, faded tinsel and pleasingly dilapidated motel signs, her self proclaimed image as a “gangsta …


M.I.A.’s Bad Girls in the Middle East

Since her earliest records, M.I.A. has maintained a Third World, slightly anarchist political aesthetic that dabbles in postcolonial perspectives. Her latest music video, “Bad Girls,” sticks to that style, imagining a desolate Middle Eastern …


Marriage, Disavowed

There were a lot of things that offended me about the True Love Week poster when it arrived in my inbox last Tuesday—Anthony Esolen, the vague and moralizing lecture titles, the very name “True …

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