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Who’s Afraid of Big Bad Rush?

Apart from the uncontroversial observation that his Viagra-fueled penis is all that distinguishes him from a sun-baked heap of horse dung, what can we say about Rush Limbaugh?

Sandra Fluke wasn’t his first victim—though victim is …

Image: House Democratic Steering Committee Holds Hearing On Women's Health

Where Rush Gets it Wrong

Rush Limbaugh is wrong, Rush Limbaugh is wrong, Rush Limbaugh is wrong. Rush Limbaugh is wrong—we’re all tired of saying it. He’s wrong not only in his hypocrisy and his misogyny but also his facts. …


The Good News: Spring Break Edition

Perhaps the most surprising news of the past week is that Rush Limbaugh is still able to surprise us with his tastelessness — Limbaugh hit a new low when he called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke …

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