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What it Means to Be an Activist

I woke one December morning to the third of four alarms I had set to assure that I would at least wake up before class. I checked my phone as I always do—a brief glance at …

UNITE YALE: call to action

UNITE YALE: call to action

The Yale Corporation and Yale administrators are failing to address concerns that students have been working tirelessly to unearth and remedy. Tomorrow, March 27, at 12:30pm, students involved in several struggles for justice …


Why Ferguson is a Feminist Fight

We often romanticize historical periods like the 1960s, but right now we’ve found ourselves in a future textbook paragraph. If you’ve ever wondered what you might have done had you been alive during the Civil Rights …


Fresh Perspectives on “Feminism”

As a freshman at Yale, I am curious about everything. What is the culture at Yale like? How do the students here approach classes, activities, and friends? Do I have a niche here? After my first …

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