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Broad Strokes 2/2/14: All About Orifices

Dear Broad Strokes,

What’s the deal with anal sex? Can it be pleasurable for the woman? It seems like it might hurt?

Sincerely, Bewildered About the Backdoor

Dear Bewildered,

I’m probably going to sound like a …


Laying Down the Law On “Girl Code”

They say that for as long as civilizations have been building cities and subsequently destroying them, we, humans have been putting our values to paper (or stone), with the purpose of maintaining a well-ordered society.  We …


Broad Strokes 11/5/13: Touch of My Hand

Dear Broad Strokes,

Not health-related per se, more a sexy relationship question comin’ at ya.  Am with a longtime & beloved beau. One fact he knows not: I <3 tumblr porn! We’ve never broached the subject …

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