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Informal, Not Illegitimate

The recent news about the real reason Yale quarterback Patrick Witt “turned down” a Rhodes Scholarship interview to play in this November’s Harvard/Yale football game has, inevitably, prompted another look at Yale’s much-discussed policies for handling …


Sex Week In Brief: Immigrant Sexualities

Born into a Cuban immigrant family and raised in the South, Miriam Zoila Pérez had a variety of cultural barriers to coming out. She has approached the study of sexuality from many angles, working …


The Case for a Relaxed Blood Drive

 This week, as plenty of flyers on bulletin boards and emails from administrators have reminded us, was the annual Harvard-Yale blood drive. Ivy League rivalry aside, the drive is certainly a worthy cause. According to …


Dispelling the Myth of God v. Gay

Jay Michaelson, like many who are both queer and spiritual, speaks of fear. For years he concealed his homosexuality from others and from himself, convinced that coming out would spell the …


Dilemma Emma: Does Poly Ever Work?

Dear Dilemma Emma,

I am a queer woman.  I love men, I love women.  I am in a long-term relationship (LTR) with a cisgendered dude right now.  We’re really in love, and I don’t …

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