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Partners in Transition

Elspeth Brown is a historian, but the ongoing project she presented for the first time in WLH last Tuesday relates to an issue currently affecting her life. As she explains in the …


Don’t Mess with Texas (Women)

It seems that while the Obama administration can’t mess with Texas, Texas can mess with Texas—Texan women, that is.  On Feb. 23, the Texas Health and Human Services commissioner signed into law a rule that …


How Hysteria Fakes it

Walking into the Whitney this past Friday, I was floored by the sheer amount of people that had come out for a movie about the invention of the vibrator. Old men, young women and even a …


Marriage, Disavowed

There were a lot of things that offended me about the True Love Week poster when it arrived in my inbox last Tuesday—Anthony Esolen, the vague and moralizing lecture titles, the very name “True …


Informal, Not Illegitimate

The recent news about the real reason Yale quarterback Patrick Witt “turned down” a Rhodes Scholarship interview to play in this November’s Harvard/Yale football game has, inevitably, prompted another look at Yale’s much-discussed policies for handling …

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