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Women in Computer Science: Yale Edition

Women in Computer Science: Yale Edition

In the nineteenth century, women (to be specific one woman, Ada Lovelace) made up 100% of computer programmers. These days, as has been true throughout the digital age, the ratio is far different. Women …


Linda McMahon’s New Category: “Emergency Rape”

Republican Senatorial candidate Linda McMahon seems to have invented a new kind of rape at her debate with Democratic candidate Chris Murphy Monday night—“emergency rape.”

In an interview with the Hartford Courant editorial board, …


New Reserves: ROTC Returns to Yale

On Fri., Sept. 21 in Beinecke plaza, the midday sun glinted brilliantly on the spangles of a ribbon that read “ROTC at Yale.” A group of 50 underclassmen in crisp uniforms sat lined …


Real-Talk: Women In Journalism

This Monday, September 24, the Women’s Leadership Initiative invited four journalists to speak about “Getting the Facts: Life as a Woman in Journalism.” From combating shyness to “getting people to talk who ordinarily don’t …