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  • I appreciate your thoughts about Fox News broadcasters. I don’t watch Fox News myself, but know that they have the tendency to hire mainstream “pretty-looking” blonde women speak on the channel. I agree with your observation, however it would be interesting to see who hires these women and the educational backgrounds of these women, of which you make no mention. I’d also be curious to hear about these women’s race, ethnicity and class backgrounds as well.

    Again, I agree with your observation–but I would steer clear of the judgment of their clothes (to be professional, you should not wear a miniskirt or low-cut blouse); similar argument is made to victims of street harassment and more specifically sexual assault who are blamed for “what they wear.” The question is–why are these women wearing these clothes; are they expected to wear these clothes and mountains of makeup for Fox?

    posted by Emily      November 15th, 2010 at 2:12 pm

  • I think you are being completely one sided about the matter. As Emily said in her reply, you should find out about the educational background of these women. Before you make another remark about how Fox is just hiring beautiful, blonde women to anchor, you should ask yourself if you are not being completely stereotypical as well. Women do not have to look a certain way to be garnered as a professional. We are women for a reason and we should take pride in our femininity. They don’t have to be another Greta, who frankly dresses like a man. We should take pride in who we are and all the women mentioned as the blonde anchors do. They are not dressing in any vulgarity and it is insulting to say they do. If Greta feels that she needs to emulate men in the workforce for her to be taken seriously, that is her prerogative. But women do not and should not have to do that. They shouldn’t be sorry for the way they look.

    posted by Jessica Wilson      November 16th, 2010 at 1:17 pm

  • I’m sorry, I think I’ve been unclear. My issue is not that there are some women who look and dress this way; it’s that all of them do, and it seems like it’s becoming a prerequisite to get on the air. I’m also troubled by the fact that they rarely hire women over thirty. My problem is with the diversity of women at the network, not with the fact that some of them are pretty. I’m also not judging the women for the way they dress, but the network for only hiring women who dress this way. If it were only a certain percentage, it would not seem strange. The homogeneity, however, is unsettling to me.

    In terms of education, I’d say about half these women hold only a BA, and the other half hold both a BA and a higher degree. This is a much better percentage of education attainment than with Fox News men, which is an interesting trend within itself. Unfortunately, you’d never know that these women are so highly educated by the way they sound on the air. For example, Gretchen Carlson often says things that don’t make sense or which she should know, given the fact that she holds a degree from Stanford. I wish these women would act as smart as I know they are, rather than just whitenoise makers.

    I’m sorry if this article was offensive to anyone, that is not what I intended. I was merely trying to point out a trend that I find troubling.

    posted by Andrea Levien      November 16th, 2010 at 2:46 pm

  • Just curious, is there a reason you didn’t picture Harris Faulkner with the very intelligent ladies above. How about Julie Banderas? They are on Happening Now and Fox Report, respectively. There are also numerous contributors that do not fall into this imaginary stereotype you have created. If you only look at those who are blonde and white in your sample, then of course you will come to the misleading conclusion you came to. When looking at the entire network, the real scenario becomes apparent. I suppose people will always tend to demonize others with beliefs that do not agree with their own, even if requires a ridiculous accusation.

    posted by Johnmiller      November 16th, 2010 at 10:09 pm

  • Yeah, FOX news has respect for its female anchors.

    Cat fight indeed.

    posted by molly      November 23rd, 2010 at 3:52 am

  • They are beautiful and I like what they report. We need more blonde babes on the news desk.

    posted by Tom Poland      November 25th, 2010 at 2:24 pm

  • AMEN!

    posted by Yalie2014      November 28th, 2010 at 12:05 am

  • I just want to put it out there that ‘objective’ attractiveness, as you called it, is a myth.

    posted by Courtney Duckworth      November 28th, 2010 at 11:26 pm

  • “They don’t have to be another Greta, who frankly dresses like a man.”

    There’s no need to criticize Greta to prove your point. I would posit that there’s no such thing as “dressing like a man”, since clothing style is a societal construct.

    posted by Courtney D      November 28th, 2010 at 11:30 pm

  • While Broad Recognition is process of being fair and balanced, unlike Fox news (the only station EVER to report biased and false information), I’ve made a list of all the pretty women at CNN. I mean what are they thinking? Do the TV networks actually think that americans value beauty and brains? If you can even call them brains- I mean some of them only have BA’s! Ha.

    Brooke Anderson
    Brooke Baldwin
    Kate Bolduan
    Abby Boudreau
    Shasta Darlington
    Paula Hancocks
    Poppy Harlow
    Samantha Hayes
    Briana Keiler
    Suzanne Malveaux

    These women are backtracking our feminist movement! How dare they use their bodies to get ahead! How dare they be blonde and intelligent and successful! How dare they be similarily attractive! Thank the good Lord that no other station would ever compromise its values and use looks for ratings!

    Excuse me, but I reserve the right to show of my feminine curves, wear make up and roll my blonde hair AND not have my intelligence, degree, or honesty questioned. Congrationlations on finding the five hottest women out of the 50 women anchors/reporters/contributors at FOX news. I’m sorry their looks and ideological beliefs troubled you so.

    posted by (Intelligent) Blonde      December 1st, 2010 at 9:58 pm

  • I think it would help if did some research about these anchors. They have significant educational credentials. Many with law or graduate degrees. You may not agree with them. Perhaps your take that they dont demonstrate their knowledge reflects they dont agree with your viewpoint. Be careful about being an educational snob. Lots of people without Ivy League degrees are extremely smart.

    By the way, I think it’s amusing you think they rarely hire women over 30. if you look at the eleven women I mention, you will note only two are 30. NONE are under 30. Most are in their 40′s. Maybe it’s just the perspective of a just turned 20 junior in college. Hard to tell those old people apart.

    Carlson ( born 1966)  graduated with Honors from Stanford University in 1990, with a degree in sociology (organizational behavior). While at Stanford University, she studied abroad at Oxford University.[6]

    Megyn Kelly (born 1970)  She earned her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Syracuse University and her J.D. from Albany Law School, where she served as an editor of the Albany Law Review.[3
    Kimberly Guilfoyle (born 1969)  She graduated magna cum laude from the University of California, Davis. She received her Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of San Francisco Law School.
    Lis Wiehl (born 1961) received a bachelor's degree from Barnard College in 1983, a Master of Arts in Literature from the University of Queensland in 1985, and a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School in 1987.[1]

    Martha McCallum (born 1964) earned her bachelor’s degree from St. Lawrence University.

    Laurie Dhue (born 1969) graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill summa cum laude,

    Van Susteren (born 1954) graduated from Xavier High School in Appleton in 1972 and the University of Wisconsin in Madison in 1976, where she studied geography and economics. She later earned a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center in 1979 and prior to the start of her television work returned to Georgetown Law as an adjunct faculty member in addition to her full-time legal career.

    Jane Skinner (born 1967) received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Northwestern

    Earhardt (born sept 20 1980) has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of South Carolina.

    Courtney Friel (born April 1980)   Friel went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from San Diego State University.

    Jill Dobson (born 1977) Dobson has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Journalism. She received her bachelor’s from Troy University and her master’s from Michigan State University

    posted by ColumbusDave      December 14th, 2010 at 10:05 pm

  • I find it disturbing that you feel comfortable accusing Fox News of “factual inaccuracies” when you offer no proof whatsoever to support this claim. But, since this is an OP-ED piece you don’t need to provide FACTS, baseless claims will do. All news outlets make errors in reporting, it’s just human nature. Had you done any research, this is something you would have discovered, but probably ignored as it clashes with your motif. Add to that the FACT that you picked out a handful of Fox reporters, ignoring many others of different gender, race, and yes, hair color (Or do a comparison with attractive females at other news outlets). NEWSFLASH! SEXY SELLS! Business, whether news or other wise, exists to make a profit so that shareholders can receive a return on their investment. I have yet to see a successful news station, local, national or international, that doesn’t staff its news team with attractive people (Maybe your next article could attack good looking people in beer commercials and movies). After reading your arrogant, ill informed article, I find it amusing that YOU accuse the Fox News women of not using their brains.

    Since you don’t have a clue, I’m going to educate you as to why Fox is more successful than all the other cable news outlets combined (And it’s not hair color). Most Americans political views fall just right of center. What some folks like yourself may construe as a bias to the right, only appears that way in comparison to the heaping helping of left wing propaganda that the main stream has been force feeding to the public for years, and for most of us it’s refreshing to get both sides of a story (I watch ALL the cable news channels, so I actually know what I’m talking about).

    Your article was offensive and demeaning to the women of Fox News. In your follow up, you try to skirt ownership of your comments by saying, “I’m also not judging the women for the way they dress, but the network for only hiring women who dress this way.” Did you actually read this after you wrote it? I certainly believe in free speech, but who are you to question anyone’s journalistic integrity?

    posted by D Reed      December 15th, 2011 at 1:04 pm

  • Omg! Does any one with brains need more data to figure out Fox lies? Try Jon Stewart any night for how funny Fox can be.
    Meg Kelly of pepper is a vegetable fame is hardly blessed with brains.and trotting out a whole list of colleges attended does not prove anything. We all know some who are at Yale- now think of those that get into less competitive colleges. Sorry, it is still s normal distribution for brains.
    I am not sure the point about attractive women displaying cleavage is very profound. There is a time and a place for boob display. That Fox news is taking advantage of it is capitalism. Not anti-feminism. Men are programmed to love boobs, in the same way as everyone loves the Tetons and Yellowstone.
    The moral here is that if a woman wants to have a serious conversation with a man she ought to cover her boobs well. Can’t expect Fido to pay attention to you if Meghyn Kelly standing next to you is waving a hunk of delicious meat at Fido. You could be a woman or a man. Fido ain’t looking at you with Meghyn doing that. And fido ain’t looking at Meghyn, Fido is concentrating on the meat she is showing him.

    posted by Roger Ails      December 21st, 2011 at 5:30 am

  • Yes, Roger (I’m sure that’s not actually your name), people with brains need data. Thank you for proving my point about baseless accusations. If you rely on comedy routines from John Stewart or Bill Mahr (Liberals with agendas) for your information on media bias or fact checking, I’m sure you also cite Dr. Suess as a source for research papers (Though likely more reliable than Stewart or Mahr). Or maybe you were programmed improperly, perhaps at the same place they programmed you to love boobs.

    posted by D Reed      December 25th, 2011 at 7:24 am

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