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The Comprehensive Broads’ Guide to 2011 Summer Internships

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For many ambitious Yale students—ignoring those who long ago started parading around in suits for the Holy Trinity of Consulting or practicing their Arabic for the State Department—winter break is the time to start work on summer internships.  Yet while this job search is in many ways an orgy of egos, we all like to think that those hours of reformatting resumes and spell-checking cover letters will contribute to a good beyond our own future prospects on the job market; ideally, we hope, our work will reap some societal benefit just as it trains us for careers.  Lucky for you, Broads is here to help.

Of course, there is no one way to approach your summer planning from a feminist perspective.  To insist that women turn down banking jobs to fight the good fight is distinctly misogynistic, and we also know that many public interest internships in fields from sustainable development to education can indirectly support feminist efforts.  However, in this article we are looking to find you promising internships with explicitly feminist organizations, working to improve the status of women at home and abroad.  We have scoured Yale’s offerings, as well as independent application processes, and have tried to display a wide range of options, focusing on major U.S. cities with a few international options.

National Organization for Women
Location:Washington, DC
Deadline: March 18th
Funding: Unpaid
You’ve got a lot of time on this deadline, but NOW is an obvious choice for this list.  Interns are placed with one of seven teams, ranging from Government Relations/Public Policy to Fundraising to Communications, at “the largest feminist organization in the United States.”  Unlike many hosts of undergraduate interests, NOW takes its responsibility of preparing the next generation of feminist leaders quite seriously, offering trainings, weekly discussion groups, and “fieldtrips.”

Planned Parenthood
Location: Various
Deadline: Various
Funding: Generally unpaid
Planned Parenthood, the preeminent reproductive health and rights non-profit worldwide, offers about a bazillion internships.  The listings are difficult to navigate, and cities vary in their application processes, but it is worth setting up an account with their online job search.  Whenever an internship specifying your parameters (like location and timing) is announced, you will get a notification e-mail.  Many of the internships are part time, which is great if you want to get some credits out of the way or study for the MCATs.

Location: Brooklyn, Your Home
Deadline: TBA
Funding: Maybe a small stipend?
Alright, so confession time: the Jezebel internship has yet to be announced.  But, we promise, it is going to happen.  For the last few years this online pop culture magazine has hired summer interns, sometimes to work from home, but their calls for applications have been way late for our neurotic planning (like, April).  Our suggestion is to send in an e-mail anyway, following the guidelines from previous years.  And young men, Jezebel wants you too!

Feminist Majority Foundation
Location: Washington DC, Los Angeles
Deadline: March 31st
Funding: Unpaid, though “a limited amount of paid administrative work is available”
The Feminist Majority Foundation’s internship program is clearly well organized and professionally managed, characteristic of this non-profit “dedicated to women’s equality, reproductive health, and non-violence.”  Opportunities vary between the two offices, with a wider variety of advocacy options in DC and a chance to work for Ms. magazine in LA.  From perusing the website, it looks like the group of interns get pretty close, or at least do a good job of smiling together for pictures.  Science and math majors are particularly encouraged to apply, as are men.

All Our Kin
Location: New Haven
Deadline: N/A
Funding: Unpaid, but a 2010 intern was funded through a Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship
All Our Kin is one of the coolest non-profits in New Haven.  Founded by  two Yale grads, the organization trains low-income individuals to start their own childcare businesses, improving the health of families, stimulating the economy, and providing women (so far the only clients) with independent incomes.  While All Our Kin does not seem to have an official internship program, last year they hosted students from Yale and Connecticut College.  E-mail early to prepare for your Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship application.

Women’s Foreign Policy Group
Location: Washington DC
Deadline: March 25th
Funding: Unpaid
Yale might not be everyone’s favorite feminist hero recently (or, you know, ever), but the Undergraduate Career Service’s internship database did point us toward the Women’s Foreign Policy Group, which works to promote female leadership in global politics.  Intern responsibilities vary widely, from event planning to research.  The listing on UCS is only for a spring internship, but WFPG’s website offers general internship information, and encourages early applications.

Population Media Group
Location: Usually Shelburne, Vermont
Deadline: Rolling
Funding: Generally unpaid
The Population Media Group has one of the most unusual approaches to women’s issues of any non-profit we know.  The organization “works worldwide using entertainment-education for social change,” and is particularly famous for soap operas focused on issues like reproductive health and HIV/AIDS.  This internship should be particularly appealing to those interested in population growth challenges and environmental justice.  Internships are generally sort of in the middle of nowhere, but that could make for a nice break from a summer of Yale in DC/New York.

National Women’s Law Center
Location: Washington DC
Deadline: February 7th
Funding: Unpaid
The National Women’s Law Center is an impressive non-profit offering exposure to multiple facets of legal advocacy.  This summer, the Center is offering a Communications Internship, perfect for media-savvy Broads readers.  Make sure to apply early—while the position by no means requires an LSAT score, NWLC will be a hot target for our punctual pre-law classmates.

WET Productions
Location: New York
Deadline: Rolling
Funding: Unpaid
WET is pretty cool.  The non-profit works “to empower women and girls by producing media that challenges female stereotypes and advocates for equality,” and interns will simultaneously gain experience in production and non-profit management.   WET seems to view the internship program as part of its mission to increase the influence of women in the creation of popular media, promoting this position as a chance to be mentored and take a step toward a career in production.  Plus, WET’s office is right near Grand Central (and the Yale Club), and their days start at 10am.  Nice.

NYC Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence
Location: New York
Deadline: Rolling
Funding: Unpaid
This New York government office, created in 2001, works to address domestic violence in the city through multiple strategies.  Given this multitude of approaches, it’s not surprising that a wide variety of internships are available.  While the work of the office is certainly not without flaw, this should be a good opportunity for Broads readers to learn how to navigate frustrating city politics, rarely hospitable to feminist efforts.

Rosie’s Place
Location: Boston
Deadline: March 15th
Funding: Unpaid
Rosie’s Place is an impressive center for low-income and homeless a woman that provides a holistic spread of services “to help women maintain their dignity, seek opportunity and find security in their lives.”  Gong well beyond the traditional offerings of meals and job training, Rosie’s Place organizes a Women’s Craft Collective microenterprise and legal workshops.  Interns work in the arts, development, direct service, or hunger programs, and are sure to have a lot more fun (and learn quite a bit more) than classmates spending their summers in a cubicle.

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
Location: New York; Cape Town; Buenos Aires
Deadline: Rolling
Funding: Unpaid (but there are a bunch of specialized Yale fellowships for LGBTQ work)
IGLHRC, in addition to having the best acronym ever (pronounced EYE-GIL-HURK), is doing really exciting work in the realm of international sexual rights.  This summer, the non-profit will offer a really cool internship program, in the United States, South Africa, or Argentina.  Interns will be brought on board with a specific focus, like communications or a certain region, but it sounds like IGLHRC will make an effort to integrate interns into the larger functions of the organization.  And we’ve heard Cape Town has great beaches, even if it will be a little chilly in July.

Bulldogs in Uganda: Intern with the Hon­or­able Betty Amongi
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Deadline: February 1st
Funding: Unpaid, but Yale students can use their ISA money
Website: Accessible through Yale “Experience” database
Although Yale has dramatically cut down its Bulldogs in Africa program, Bulldogs in Uganda is offering an opportunity to work with Parliament member Hon. Betty Amongi.  Follow in the footsteps of Broads contributor Cristina Constantini and work with Amongi on her upcoming book on women’s rights and affirmative action in Parliament, in addition to assisting the politician in her day-to-day tasks.  Just be careful; Uganda is beautiful, but its government is not exactly known for sexual tolerance, so you may end up working with some people you would really like to slap.

British Bulldogs: The Rhodes Project
Location: London
Deadline: February 1st
Funding: Paid! $5,400
Website: Accessible through Yale “Experience” database
The name Olivarius is already associated with feminism at Yale thanks to two former Women’s Center board members bearing this name, but this is a chance to work on Dr. Ann Olivarius’ project tracking female Rhodes Scholars to gain insight into the decisions and lives of high-achieving women.  As you work on reports and social media presence (we expect lots of tweets @yalebroads), Broads editor and current project manager Alice Buttrick will be tracking your progress.  Sounds like Yale is finally turning into an Old Girls Club…

Programme on Women’s Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

Location: Delhi
Deadline: Rolling
Funding: Unpaid, some housing available
Indian feminism is fascinating precisely because there is no such thing as a single Indian feminism.  Intern responsibilities are vague, but PWESCR’s work on global women’s issues—including, but not limited to, Indian policy questions— is impressive enough that this should be a valuable experience nonetheless.  Additionally, approaching global feminisms from an already foreign perspective should be a bit of a Third Wave eye opener, an important challenge preparing students for future work.  Be warned that PWESCR is looking for long-term commitments, so it is worth thinking about serious fellowships now.
Alexandra Brodsky is a junior in Yale College. She is a staff writer for Broad Recognition.

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