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    CALL TO ACTION: Yale's No on Divestment

    Today, Yale announced that it will not divest from fossil fuels. This announcement was sudden and select: at eight this morning, an email was sent to just a few of the many students who have been involved in this issue, inviting the ...

  • CALL TO ACTION: Justice for Jane Update

    CALL TO ACTION: Justice for Jane Update

    July 29, 2014

    “Jane Doe,” the sixteen-year-old Latina transgender girl about whom Broad Recognition reported in April continues to suffer transphobic abuse by the Connecticut Department for Children and Families (DCF). In April, DCF cited a rarely used statute to justify their transferring Jane Doe ...

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    Interview With Darkmatter—Janani Balasubramanian and Alok Vaid-Menon

    What do you think South Asian-American queer activism should look like? How do you balance the importance of fostering radical desi communities while also building coalitions with other communities and people of color?

    Janani: A way to begin ...

  • See, Smell, Taste, Hear, Feel

    See, Smell, Taste, Hear, Feel

    MAY 11, 2014


    Inspired after reading an unsettling article written by a Huffington Post columnist reflecting on her experience observing fellow customer treating a nail salon worker incredibly poorly, I wrote this piece to feel, and feel for, my mother. She is my darling angel, ...

  • We Are Family: Building a Community with Pride

    We Are Family: Building a Community with Pride

    “All of our work is ephemeral. It’s not contributing to the art world in any way. It reflects, in that moment, what’s going on. You have to create work that’ll grab your eye, but ...

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Vote No: CLAY is Not Pro-Woman

Tonight, Dwight Hall will vote on whether or not to admit Choose Life at Yale (CLAY) to the Social Justice Network. The discussion so far has been, predictably, pretty polarized – one only needs to …

Queering Farming: Bringing Life

Jonah Mossberg is a farmer by training, not a filmmaker, he explained to the 40 people assembled in Kroon Hall. But, as a queer person farming and living in rural areas, he was unsatisfied …

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