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Letter from the Editor: Spring Break

Dearest Readers,

I write to confirm that Broad Recognition has and will not be publishing for the duration of Spring recess, and to announce that we will resume publishing on Wednesday, March 24th. We wish you all an enjoyable and …

A Poem for Eating Disorder Awareness Week

February 24-March 2 2014, is National Eating Disorder Awareness week. While wishing you a happy one might seem like an odd sentiment, I believe that any opportunity to open up a dialogue about an often misunderstood …

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Vote No: CLAY is Not Pro-Woman


APRIL 16, 2014

Tonight, Dwight Hall will vote on whether or not to admit Choose Life at Yale (CLAY) to the Social Justice Network. The discussion so far has been, predictably, pretty polarized – one only needs to read a few of the comments on …

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