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Lazy Musings re: Theatre, AAPI, Race

I am like supes. Totes. Tired.

Not really of anything specifically, or like, maybe of a lot of things that I can’t really parse out right now.

Sometimes I wonder if all the big, slow, seemingly immovable problems that usually …

Hillary Clinton Makes Me Cry

The last time Hillary Clinton told me she was going to run for President, I was thirteen, and sitting alone at my family’s kitchen table. The lights were low, and her face flickered …

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Fatale: Performance

In this issue, the Fatale team embraces their performative sides, with articles on high school theater, pageants, Victorian anatomy dolls, and more!

Special Thanks to Chamonix Adams Porter, A. Grace Steig, Fiona Lowenstein, Kathy Amiliategui, Stephanie Mao, Leah Shrestinian, Daniel Dangaran, Laura Goetz, Emma Brennan-Wydra.

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